Acer Switch 12 Inch as Part of Cool New Gadgets

Acer Switch 12 Inch as Part of Cool New Gadgets

In our world’s hectic lifestyle it is only normal to have a good portative laptop as it will allow you to achieve great connection with the people who are important in your life but to whom you don’t have so much time to give. One of cool new gadgets is Acer Switch 12 Inch which includes a great touchscreen for easier navigation in any time.

The particular model provides full HD and can be named as 5 gadgets sin one. The new Acer laptop has Intel Core M-5Y10c Processor which is 0.8 GHz. That enables fast work for long time without any problems that could arise. Additionally for the ones who love to save their private date on the web, 128 GB Solid-State Drive that can be accessed from any other device of your preference. The computer works with legal Windows 8.1 operating system that has advanced features easy to be customized to make it as custom-friendly as possible. The new computer is powered with a Lithium battery that lasts up to 6 hours. The rather optimal 12.5-inch screen and Intel HD Graphics 5300 allows to achieve a great look and consumes rather a really small place wherever you go or stay. The new technology allows it to be more flexible. From the first it might seem as a tablet, then as a laptop, simple display, and a tent when it is upside-down. You can also take the keyboard separately apart. It is easy to switch between screen and the keyboard.

The Switch system makes it easy and safe. Shapeshifting ability is a great advantage that with time will get just even more updated. The 1080p screen allows to get sharp pictures and other qualitative looks. The Core M processor provides fast working speed no matter with how many programs and other tools a person needs to work. The battery can hold up to 8 hours so it is easier not to worry about the place where you could plug in the charger. You will be able to process high-quality videos without any problems.

For faster file processing useful is USB 3.0. You can always use it to connect different gadgets. More welcoming are the ones who find high technology an important part of their personal growth or simple hobby like taking pictures. If the touchscreen doesn’t seem efficient enough, it is possible also to use a special pen for a start. The economic size allows it to fit even in the smallest bad and you can flip it around without any hard times. This is only one of high tech gadgets that are available to be bought. The high-quality corpus will give the feeling that there should be no fear of using this device, however, any person prefers. You will be surprised how pleasant is to read a book or watch a movie using only the upper part of Asus computer.Follow the time with the development of technology and buy one of the best cool gadgets to buy there are.

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