August Smart Lock -One of the best tech gadgets

August Smart Lock -One of the best tech gadgets

August Smart Lock is a new, affordable, high-tech lock that allows you to provide keyless entry to your home or business. This could easily be one of the best tech gadgets that can be purchased and installed without a professional. With a downloaded app, you can send keys to friends, family and staff with an allotted time period. After the time period is up, access to your home or office will be denied until otherwise arranged. Also send invitations and thank you notes, as well as leave comments and instructions for your guests, from your virtual guest book. All it takes is a few minutes with no electrical wiring involved. Just replace the interior side of your regular deadbolt lock with August Smart Lock and you’re all set. No keys, codes, and hassle-free installation. That’s easy, right?

What makes August Smart Lock one of the best gadgets 2015? With Bluetooth technology and battery back-up, it is assured that during a power outage or in the event your Wi-Fi is down, the smart lock will still work. There are no keys to keep up with or codes to remember and the locking technology is encrypted for enhanced safety. August will even send alerts to let you know that the batteries are low. With the auto unlock feature, the lock senses when you are close (about fifteen feet) and will automatically unlock for you. No need to dig for your keys, phone or punch in any codes. Close the door behind you and it automatically locks with a new auto-locking technology, so you never forget to lock your door.

All you have to do is program the amount of time, anywhere from thirty seconds up to five minutes; you want it to wait before it automatically locks. This feature is only available to the authorized owners and isn’t settable for each individual. It can only be changed when the authorized owner changes it, so no worries as to who can make changes. You can also access online, who has been in and out of your home or business, and at what times. You are completely in control of who comes and goes and when they do so; even while you are at work. Was your phone lost or stolen? Not a problem. All you have to do is go online and access your account.

Due to the ease of not having keys or codes for you to remember, auto-lock technology, and saving thousands of dollars on professional fees and installation, smart locks are becoming cool gadgets for men. Men are always on the go with work and play but with this technology, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family and most valuable possessions are safe. Monitoring who is or was at your home when you are not around, all from an app that you can download, from anywhere in the world. A simple and affordable: yet safe and convenient way to ensure you and your family’s safety at all times, right at the tips of your fingers.

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