Cool Gadgets to Buy: Asus Vivo Watch

Cool Gadgets to Buy: Asus Vivo Watch

It is clear that Apple are not the only manufacturer who provides qualitative new generation watches. In the recent years, Asus has proven itself as an amazing company that can provide not only qualitative computers but also such cool gadgets to buy as watches. One of them is Asus Vivo watch that has numerous great options that make a whole more difference than having ordinary things. This is not the first smartwatch that Taiwanese manufacturer has made so you can have no worries about its functionality. Additionally there always comes a guarantee and you can also find different discounts and additional good offers that will make the choice rather a good one.

The particular watch can easy compete with Samsung’s Gear Live, LG G Watch, Moto 360 and other watches. The out shape of the watch is rather similar to Apple. It has square edges with rounded corners. Additionally there is also a 22 mm leader strap that goes perfectly around the wrist and you don’t have to worry about its quality to stick in the place. It can also be easily changed to a new one. The only drawback is that the battery doesn’t hold long and thus the watch needs to be charged almost every night. This is an issue that is common almost to any new devices. Yet this is one of the new tech gadgets whenever you feel the need for some new enhancement to how you have planned your time or got connected with others. It has 369 mAh battery. It is possible also to make the watch work as a regular one. The display is 128 x 128 big with Gorilla Glass 3. Additionally it is e-ink display.

It operates with Android 4.3 or higher program that allows to unlock your phone and multitask different needs like calling to your contacts, setting alarms, controlling music that is on your phone and others. It can easily be turned into a great fitness gadget for anyone who wants to stay fit and control the way the run, heart rate, and other indicators. The watch is also IP67 water resistant with built-in UV sensor and Happiness Index. The last one works on your sleep and activity levels to get the general evaluation about your situation.

The Vivo watch from Asus is a perfect choice especially for those to who fitness and other sports activities are not far away or unknown. The watch will definitely help to stay safe and you can be sure that these awesome gadgets will always fit to anyone who wishes to enjoy some more alternative watch that has much more and you don’t need to take your phone all the time with you. There are numerous colours and other features available that will allow to make watch highly individual and easy to use no matter of what age a person is using it. Just try some new options regarding the possibility to have some smarter phone for your wishes and it will pay off in different ways.

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