The cool new gadgets of the Jawbone UP3

The cool new gadgets of the Jawbone UP3

In today’s society, a society that mainly relies on technology and is always in a hurry, many people are looking to buy the cool new gadgets to keep track of their health at affordable prices, all while on the go. What makes the Jawbone UP3 one of those gadgets? It is a small, light-weight band that will keep track of your activity while on the go, resting, and even in your sleep. All of the information is recognized automatically and logged for you. You can view, update and check your information through the app that is available for download. Not only does this little gadget take the hassle out of keeping up with your activity levels yourself, it is also made of hypoallergenic rubber to suit all skin types and is virtually splash proof. No need to worry about sweating a little during those workouts or on your commute to and from work.

There are many best tech gadgets on the market that track your physical activity, but the Jawbone UP3 brings out the very best, up-to-date technology. It’s full of sensors that ensure your physical activity, no matter how big or small, is recognized. It will not only measure your heart rate but also your skin temperature, respirations and ambient temperature. This is a way for you to know more about your body without the need for several different devices. All you need is this one device. The best perk is with up to seven days of battery life, the Jawbone UP3 can be by your side virtually every step of the way. Not to mention the ease of charging through a USB cable. It only takes about an hour to fully charge and be back on the go again. That is a small amount of time compared to the amount of life the battery has before it actually needs to be charged. Whether it be at home, the gym, the office or even sleeping; it’s made for busy people, who care and want to keep close track of their health, that are always on the go. It couldn’t get much simpler than this.

With all the new tech gadgets on the market, keeping track of your health is fairly easy. However, choosing a product that is durable and most importantly accurate can be tough. The Jawbone UP3 is a smart, small, light weight, sensible and affordable product that does the hard work of tracking and logging, for you. All you have to do is get up and live your life as you always would. For once, you don’t have to stress over something so simple, yet so important. Isn’t that nice? The information will take care of itself, so go ahead and enjoy the little break. Then when you are ready to view your activity, have a seat, login and view away. You can now take back control of your health with this one simplified gadget which is backed with the very latest technology. Who wouldn’t want to take control and monitor their health and body, with such a small, affordable, and yes, even stylish device? Welcome to the world of Jawbone UP3.

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