Leap motion sensor – Cool Gadgets for Men

Leap motion sensor – Cool Gadgets for Men

Here is a presentation of another great technological development that includes the possibility to avoid the daily scrolling and clicking of devices. We are talking about the great benefits of leap motion sensor that is one of the cool gadgets for men of any age. The technology has already seen in Kinect and other alike-devices for playing, but now the technology has become even more useful. You can always get surprised how many great benefits there are from the newest technology.

The leap motion device is specially designed for Macs and Windows PCs. It is base on 3D technology with spatial tracking. There are already high numbers of different apps that are supporting this new technology. Despite that the device is not as responsive as being touched by real hands; it is a good start towards the perfection. Despite that touch screens are highly popular, brief gestures on air are even more interesting to be tried out. There is no limitation of touch or click. The first technology of this kind of leap motion was the Leap Motion Controller that uses the space that is approximately around the desk. The device itself is like a small USB-connectable. This small thing can transform the whole PC. You still use all your fingers and joints in a new 3D space. And still there is a good accuracy – 1/100 of a millimeter. It can usually be put down in front of the computer so that space above becomes a zone where you can with hands and other body parts control the device.

The limitations of the sensor are 2 feet above, 2 feet down and overall 8 cubic feet. On the other side, it is more than enough for space in front of your computer. It is a great new tech gadgets ancestor that has proved various efficient solutions. In this way, the digital world has become even closer. The Leap Motion Controller works up to 200 frames per second. That made by 2 integrated cameras and thus leading to a great 150o field. The technology doesn’t require any high system requirements so you can be sure that your PC will be good enough for the new technology.

Leap motion sensor allows to feel great 3D feeling when playing games or adds some more freedom to the ability to scroll down to the things you are interested in. You will find that it is not that hard to get used to this new technology as it is made easy for use and with time it will only keep updating, making the typing and clicking less and less efficient. You can be sure that companies will give you the best from these awesome gadgets. These technologies can be useful for numerous age people. It is not that hard to get used to this technology and with time it will definitely pay off and make the life a whole easier. Check it out yourself and find great motion options.

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