Typhoon Q500 4K Drone: New tech gadgets in the camera world

Typhoon Q500 4K Drone: New tech gadgets in the camera world

If you loved sometime to play with toy helicopters, you will definitely enjoy the big type of drone that is similar to a mini helicopter, but additionally it allows to make stunning videos that will keep you entertained. There are numerous great benefits this kind of technology can give to you whenever you want to have some memorable HD video. It has already proved itself in numerous mass events providing the best possible views from far above. You will be amazed how great it can look. It is a part of great new tech gadgets that will suit even the most demanding video operator.

The new Typhoon Q500 4K technology in the drone allows to do 4K Ultra HD that provides 4000 pixels resolution. There are also numerous other features that you should know within the amazingly made drone. It weighs just 3.75 pounds and the longest line is more than 22 inches. It is driven by a battery that can last up to 25 minutes. For the extra security that the drone won’t fall somewhere you couldn’t find it anymore, additional low battery return home option is included. This allows a drone to get back to the starting point with his own capabilities. The drone assumes that there are no obvious obstacles for it to land. The system is capable and dynamic so it really can come handy in the times of need.

There is also an FAA No Fly feature that allows to avoid accidental entering the no-fly zone. For more accurate shooting worth attention is “Steady Grip’’ function. It allows to take great shots in a perfectly fixed position. Additionally there are also functions for following the aim like “Follow me’’ and ‘’Watch me’’. That will make it possible to make great motion videos with objects and focus of your choice. The overall possible high for this drone is around 400 feet and with the speed up to 400. The user can easily adjust the speed and what the camera is seeing manually.

There is also an additional mode called “Angle’’ that works as R/C flyer which allows to move to the drone. It can be more useful for the pro level. Such cool gadgets to buy like this definitely won’t make you feel like a bad choice. Within it comes aluminium Q500 Typhoon Carrying Case, 2 batteries, 16 GB micro SD card as well as 6-month warranty. In this way, you surely shouldn’t regret the opportunity to get an 115o view. Of course, you can’t forget about the overall image quality.

The great technology that has been developed with Typhoon Q500 drone has immense benefits. The remote control with built-in 5.5. Android provides a large extent of data that you might use to get better real time videos. With time, anyone can get adjusted to this kind of awesome gadgets that allow to see the world from far above. You will be surprised how many great capabilities this technology holds. That can be useful for professionals as well as amateurs.

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